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Moni Hill

"Garden Delight" 24x36

"Garden Delight" 24x36

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This Painting by Moni Hill is 24 x 36. Moni Hill is inspired by the natural world and uses acrylic paint layered upon wood in her work.

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About Moni Hill

We live in a world of contrasts and humans are wired to look for patterns. I love the challenge that presents me when I paint. My paintings embrace contrasts and revel in opposites as a way to make paintings that celebrate differences. The orange brings out the best of the blue - the teals and greens accentuate the reds! The big broad strokes highlight the details. Every painting contains worlds where contrasts, opposites, and differences make an interesting, complex, and beautiful whole!

My process involves layering paint, sanding off the layers, putting on more layers, more sanding and layering until an interesting history of making the painting is revealed. I paint with acrylic on wood. I love how quickly acrylic dries and allows layers to build. I appreciate how wood holds my liberal application of paint and vigorous sanding with the power-sander.

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