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Lisa Colby

Circle Studs with Ruby

Circle Studs with Ruby

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These earrings by Lisa Colby are hand wrought with sterling silver and oxidised to highlight the surface texture. 

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About Lisa Colby

Lisa Colby has a BFA in metalsmithing from Wayne State University and currently operates a studio in Asheville, North Carolina. She’s been designing and creating metal jewelry for more than 20 years, and she teaches metalsmithing techniques around the United States. Her work is exhibited nationally and has also been featured in the books 1,000 Rings and 500 Silver Jewelry Designs.

“I create jewelry that is fabricated entirely by hand. One of the techniques I employ is that of melting sterling silver and manipulating this material while it is hot to achieve the organic shapes often seen in my designs. I mainly work with sterling silver and occasionally add gold, semi-precious stones or found objects to my designs. I draw upon innumerable sources for my inspiration, including vintage textile patterns, the physical universe and commonplace objects from my daily life.”

—Lisa Colby

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