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Melissa Schmidt

Tiny Blue Bubble Necklace

Tiny Blue Bubble Necklace

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This necklace by Melissa Schmidt has tiny blue bubbles on a larger glass bubbles. Chain is 34" length and is gold filled.  Melissa Schmidt uses borosilicate glass (Pyrex), a material known for its great strength while incorporating film, paper, silk, gold leaf and sterling. 

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About Melissa Schmidt

Raised in Hawaii and San Francisco, Melissa Schmidt is known for her whimsical feminine aesthetic and soft palette. She incorporates unusual materials such as 35 mm slide film, papers and natural objects within the glass bubbles. Her pieces are built to last and as strong as they are beautiful.

Schmidt's work has been included in the Racine Art Museum’s 50 years of studio glass exhibition. Melissa's studio is in her back yard in Saint Louis, Missouri.

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