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Renata Copeland

Mug- RC9

Mug- RC9

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This mug by Renata Copeland is food,dishwasher and microwave safe. 

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About Renata Copeland

"My purpose in creating ceramic works is to fully engage with the world existing within me. It's a deep reflexion of my background, my home, my garden, my feelings, my loved ones.
In the exploration of this medium, I often see a path of emotional and physical healing. Engaging in the transformational process of forming the clay, I feel the constant push and pull for play and trust while still assuring respect for the mediums limitations and my own.
In my surface design, I often incorporate bold lines, contrasting colors and movement. I aim for the imperfect gesture of the brush strokes and the elements that resemble the variety of botanical, sometimes tropical, surrounding I grew up with and experienced while traveling. My work directly reflects how I manage myself and prioritize a sense of self-expression.
The utilitary function of the pieces offers the user the same opportunity to value the mundane reflections and appreciation of the present moment."

Renata Copeland lives in Piedmont, SC with her husband and 2 homeschooling kids. She spends most of her time teaching her kids, enjoying the outdoors, fostering dogs and making new ceramic works in her home studio. She graduated from Gastronomy at The Universidade Potiguar in Brazil and from the Professional Pottery Program at Piedmont Technical College in Edgefield, SC. She primarily focuses on utilitarian ceramics made from stoneware and food safe high fired glazes.

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